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In The Eighth Scroll by Laurence B. Brown, the final text of the Dead Sea Scrolls has been found. Scholars have correctly believed this final text would either confirm or condemn established religious beliefs and practices. As a result, world powers will fight to possess it, or kill to suppress it.

World-renowned theologian Michael Hansen has lost everything because of the scroll, including his archeologist father and the woman he loved. When he becomes the only living person with a clue to the scroll’s location, he sets out to find it, traveling from the United States to England to the Middle East. Along the way, he finds himself running from the Mossad, the CIA, and the Vatican’s weapon of last resort, the Italian Mafia. When he finally finds the scroll, it turns out to be everything the State of Israel and the Vatican had feared. If exposed, it would cause major religious upheaval. But expose it Michael must, for his only option is to ransom his life by giving the scroll to his enemies. Unless he can somehow do both before his pursuers find him... and kill him.

This modern-day religious murder mystery is, bar none, the most exciting journey of 2010. Wicked in its honesty, this novel portrays religious faith as not only a virtue, but a rite of passage and a fight to the bitter end. Told in strong and powerful prose, Brown plays no favorites in unveiling the hidden agendas of each religious counterpart and pulls no punches in this first-rate thriller.