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" ... amazingly cool ... Dr. Brown weaves a tantalizing story of suspense ..."

"Indiana Jones meets The Da Vinci Code. The Eighth Scroll is a breath-holding, white-knuckled, can't-put-down thriller that challenges Western views of humanity, history and religion. Bar none, the best book in its class!"

“I enjoyed it enormously and must compliment you greatly on its creation... This was a first class draft.... It compares very favourably with many a published thriller I have read... exceedingly good value.”

“We potentially can see this not only as a bestseller book, but as a movie... a powerful book.”

"The Eighth Scroll Truth is something that is battled for everyday. "The Eighth Scroll" tells the story of archeologist Frank Tones and his pursuit of the lost scroll of the famed Dead Sea Scrolls. But when bodies begin to turn up and people are silenced, the good of history seems to be no match for corruption and lust for power. "The Eighth Scroll" is a fascinating and fun read for those who love religious thrillers."

"DaVinci Code move over! If you are a fan of The DaVinci code, you will absolutely love this book! Author Dr. Laurence B. Brown weaves a credible tale in The Eighth Scroll, perhaps even better then The DaVinci Code plot."

"I was enthralled by the story line . . . If you're looking for a good fiction book, definitely pick this one up."

"It’s a wonderful twist on the subject of the Dead Sea scrolls. Although this book has been grouped with the ‘Da Vinci Code,’ I believe it deserves much better company. First of all, the Eighth Scroll is superbly written and runs a course that is more easy to swallow than Dan Brown’s 24-hour whirl wind of solving a historical mystery. If you didn’t like the Da Vinci Code, you will love this book because it improves all the elements that the reader probably wished the other book contained. Now, if you liked the Da Vinci Code, you will love this book and realize this is how it should be done! It’s a win, win, so pick it up and read it!"

"What makes an excellent book? In my opinion, it is one that has you still thinking and questioning the events long after you have read the last page. Even with the conclusion of the story, you still are left with thoughts of unsettled beliefs. The characters are believable, likable, and well-developed. The action is fast-paced. The story line is logical and realistic. What makes this novel outstanding is the intermixing of factual events and findings with a completely fictional story, similar to THE DAVINCI CODE."

"Brown takes a Scroll on the wild side. As large a stake as it is, author Dr. Laurence B. Brown seems well in control of the narrative string. His characters work well and the style of writing is fast-paced, not too esoteric, and he covers a lot of literary and historical ground here. Having been to the Middle East and to Qumran a number of times as well as a student of history and Christianity, I found Brown's power of description and his landscape and atmosphere convincing and real.

"The Eighth Scroll" is worth a read (with an open mind is preferable)."

"Dr. Brown has weaved a fabulous story. From the first page to the last you are drawn in. I truly enjoyed this book. One of the best explanations of the different religions of the world I have ever heard is in this book. The intrigue is nail biting. You hope Micheal wins but you just never know. As a Roman Catholic myself and someone who has read the Dead Sea Scrolls, including the gospel of James, I can understand the priest's dilemma. The gospel goes against everything we are taught. I think that Dr. Brown has not represented that dilemma in a realistic and heartfelt way but has also represented the reasons the Gospel should be exposed.

No matter what your beliefs are this book will entertain you and keep you on the edge of your seat."

"It is a fast paced and interesting read! And one that I will probably read multiple times! I highly recommend this book!"

"I was hesitant to read this book because it sounded like just another archeological mystery along the lines of theDaVinci Code. While the story line was somewhat similar, I found The Eighth Scroll to be much more enjoyable. I felt that the characters were well developed and scenes described in great detail. The book was full of action and moved fast. It was frequently difficult to find a place to stop reading.

For those that are so inclined, the book provides plenty of food for thought. The author brings up several points that would suggest that there are errors in the Bible. Some readers may wonder what they would do if an ancient text were actually discovered that contradicts some parts of the Bible and even some fundamental Christian beliefs.

My congratulations to Dr. Brown for writing an exciting and thought provoking book that is suitable for the entire family. The book contained no obscene language and no scenes that could be considered “adult situations”.

This book easily gets a five star rating from me as well as a high recommendation. This book would be interesting in a group study where the fine points of some of his arguments could be explored more deeply."

"This book is fast paced, reveals some critical religious controversies and will have you wondering what if.... It is a powerful thought provoking read. If you enjoy controversy, religious facts and violence you will enjoy this one."
Read up, Christians and non-believers alike. The Eighth Scroll will keep you enthralled, right up until the “truth” is unveiled."

"I had a hard time putting it down and was thoroughly entertained. This book will definitely challenge Western beliefs in religion so if you don’t mind a different point of view you would probably enjoy this book."

"An exciting, fast paced novel that keeps you turning the pages. Some twists I won't disclose~well worth the read. It will keep you wondering..."

"Seriously well done . . . . I was blown away by the theory . . . . definitely the most well-written thing I've ever read about it."

"The Eighth Scroll will have you sitting on the edge of your seat."

"Absolutely packed with action..."

"A fantastic book... a really great read... impossible to put down."